Keynote Speakers

Professor Kristóf Kovács

Keynote lecture

Cognitive abilities 2 September (morning)

Professor Howard Gardner

Closing Session keynote lecture

Innovation and Creativity: Leveraging the Best of the Human Mind 2 September (afternoon)

Professor Heidrun Stoeger

Opening Session Keynote lecture

Mentoring in Talent Development: Theoretical Background, Empirical Research, and Practical Examples 31 August 2021 (afternoon)

Professor Kenneth Kiewra

Keynote lecture

Nurturing Children’s Talent: The Roles Parents Play 31 August 2021 (afternoon)

Professor Denise Fleith

Keynote lecture

Parenting Gifted Children: Research and Counseling Intervention 1 September 2021 (afternoon)

Dr. Amal Abdullah Al-Hazzaa

Keynote lecture

The Gifted Development Journey: Mawhiba 5Es Model 1 September 2021 (morning)